Blockchain for Good

A fair, tastefully roasted coffee brand using blockchains. Can stakeholders benefit or learn from it? Producing and sharing energy through blockchains in your local village, a new trend?

Startups and new technologies have the ability to rejuvenate the establishment. The latter is searching ‘fresh and fair’ methods to produce and distribute products. Especially towards millennials as a large, sustainable conscious consumer group.

In the video, Moyee Coffee demonstrates that their carbon footprint scores better than established coffee brands. It is based on an estimation of the types of coffee and lifecycle analysis for coffee. Result: Moyee offers coffee with an intensity of 3.92 kg CO2 eq./kg of roasted coffee, which seems to be twice as good as the unshaded and shaded monocultures that established coffee companies grow.

Sustainability simply implies being transparent. Show the data! Follow the money! Since the ‘big coffee guys’ did not publish relevant facts, it’s not easy to make an exact comparison.

Moyee Coffee however did publish supply chain and related data. In every stage, a new approach has been chosen to be fair for local producers and sustainable along the entire chain. Irrigation (in fact, no irrigation at all) and harvesting (handpicked beans), processing, roasting, grinding, packaging and transportation. Every piece in the chain from harvest to payment is stored digitally in blockchains.

Cover your sustainability workshop or innovation meetup through these kind of panoramic slide shows. Contact

Published by Peter Transmedia

Giving hands, feet and voice to (honest) sustainability initiatives which never see the daylight because of (modest) marketing power

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