Science fiction parody addressing ‘planet Earth’ climate issues

Imagine our blue planet Earth being observed by other planets far, far away in another galaxy… Does it ring a bell?

Despite any age, everyone loves this science fiction (SF) movie Star-Wars.

Typical ‘Planet Earth’ economical and ecological challenges are listed in this introduction scroll page in the video clip below. Epic, entertaining music accompanies the text towards hints of ‘eco’ solutions…

Though it is obviously a funny parody on Star Wars, you could ask yourself: into what extent is this SF already reality, or will be reality in one decade as from today?

Help is underway: princess Greta (yep, the one and only) is travelling in her ‘Millennium Development Hyperloop’ to claim a discussion with slow moving governments in the Senate. Master Yoda shares his opinion about the need for a purpose driven society in his Temple of wisdom.

A new type of leader (a sustainability Jedi) is on his way using the force of fun (this video clip). He builds bridges between corporations lost in free market space and responsible circular initiatives, cleantech startups and activist rebels from the Outer Rim space…

His credo: globalization doesn’t imply one MARKET, rather one PLANET. Don’t save the planet all by yourself, share (also your) sustainability story through parody and the force of fun!

*For educational and infotainment purposes only.

Published by Peter Transmedia

Giving hands, feet and voice to (honest) sustainability initiatives which never see the daylight because of (modest) marketing power