• Climate change and the required transition is more than just a bitter cost debate. We need sweet stories demonstrating opportunities at new horizons.
  • Purpose driven sustainability initiatives transcend borders and are multidisciplinary. These require special media attention.
  • Infotainment empowers grassroots initiatives and startups to campaign for sustainable solutions.


  • We offer infotainment to communicate innovations and opinions
  • We deliver advice -and some fun- to sustainability projects and campaigns
  • We share climate change mitigating stories through social media blogs


What is infotainment?

Wikipedia.org: ‘a type of media that provides a combination of information and entertainment’

Oxforddictionaries.com: ‘broadcast material which is intended both to entertain and to inform’

Marketingtermen.nl: ‘a form of making serious information more accessible for a broad public’

Mascot Transmedia.online


  • Grassroots initiatives and startups
  • Universities and R&D consortia
  • Authorities and businesses able and willing to change

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