Blockchain for Good

Producing and sharing energy through blockchains in your local village, a trend? A new, fair, tastefully roasted coffee brand using blockchains. Can stakeholders benefit or learn from it? Startups and new technologies have the ability to rejuvenate the establishment. The latter is searching ‘fresh and fair’ methods to produce and market products. Especially towards millennialsContinue reading “Blockchain for Good”

How can AI find ‘honey’ in cities, infrastructure, transportation?

Apparently, AI (artificial intelligence) increases value from 62% to 128% for the travel sector and to 89% for transport and logistics*1. Let’s start with some basics about what AI is. Afterwards, I demonstrate what startups can offer regarding infrastructure and the savings to be made for the pocket AND environment. It is a culture shockContinue reading “How can AI find ‘honey’ in cities, infrastructure, transportation?”