How to get attention of your target audience: 12 facts and aspects

Do you feel your message seems lost in today’s jungle of (repeating) news, (lengthy) reports and (multiple) events?

• The average customer’s attention span is 8 seconds (was 12 seconds in 2000). That is less than the attention span of a goldfish (!) which is 9 seconds according to National Center for Biotechnology Information.

• People remember 80% what they see, 20% what they read, according to Visual Teaching Alliance.

• Graphics in stories are rated as relevant by 90% of journalists, according to a 2006 study by Bennett & Company.

“Comics & cartoons have critical voice with persuasive power and achieved unprecedented visibility and influence”

H. Katz, Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations

• Animations can break through the heavily defended corporate CEO level doors. They increase e-mail opening rates.

• Animations and cartoons shed light on a complex story and ‘connects the dots’ about innovation, business processes and corporate concerns.

• Cartoons in reports are read 7 times more often, according to Custom Comic Services.

• Comics have a ‘stickiness’ factor: they end up in corporate PowerPoint presentations, office walls and are shared on social media where they have a more lasting effect.

• 51% of the readers of a research on an instructional (production) process have proven to learn, retain and understand more when images are used. Take the IKEA manual as a simplified example.

• Trendy apps communicate more successfully with images. Hence, engagement per follower on Instagram is 58 x higher than on FB.

• FB decided not to flag or report satire (Oct. 2019). That’s a victory for cartoon and comic producers whilst respecting the freedom of (critical) speech.

• Our youth conditioned us to accept cartoons as a non-threatening form of communication, so we absorb similar messages in adulthood. It is like pitching your customer base who has already been ‘briefed’ when they were younger.

Human visual expression has existed longer than 30.000 years, text-based communication only 3.700 years. Go ‘figure’!