Passion for sustainability

Welcome to my media hobby page. I am a passionate sustainability maverick and producer of tactical media products to empower eco-innovation concepts.

Experience: 16 years of EU stakeholder management, HR/psychology and the power of fun to campaign for sustainable concepts towards the establishment.

The challenge: climate change and the required transition (pushed by Corona crisis) should be more than just a bitter cost debate. We need new stories and robust business models demonstrating opportunities at new horizons.

Personal drive: giving hands, feet and a voice to (honest) sustainability initiatives, which never see the daylight because of (modest) marketing power.

After I achieved my targets at EU level, I traded in my privileges for market players who want to promote their eco-innovation.

“Walk like you talk”! As to myself, I adapted my personal lifestyle by lowering my CO2 footprint drastically in terms of living, consuming and moving. Basically, I changed towards a less stressful and more meaningful life.

New journey Peter,


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