Passion for sustainability

The founder of is a passionate sustainability maverick and ethical influencer.

Experience: 16 years of EU stakeholder management, HR/psychology and the power of fun to campaign for sustainable concepts towards the establishment.

The challenge: climate change and the required transition (pushed by Corona crisis) should be more than just a bitter cost debate. We need sweet stories demonstrating opportunities at new horizons. But: production and consumer behavior should ‘mirror’ the true value of resources.

Personal drive: giving hands, feet and a voice to (honest) sustainability initiatives, which never see the daylight because of (modest) marketing power.

After he achieved his targets at EU level, he traded in his privileges for young grassroots initiatives.

Along the line, he adapted his personal lifestyle by lowering his CO2 footprint drastically in terms of living, consuming and moving. Basically, he changed towards a less stressful and more meaningful life.

New journey Peter,


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