Passion for sustainability

Journey of

Prior to, I was leading a European association (NGO) in Brussels. Basically, my role was to create understanding between different sectors, silo’s and systems, worldwide. One of my tasks was to promote sustainable, yet profitable use of infrastructure with minimal impact on the environment.

Hence the name ‘Transmedia’. It refers to my extensive transportation and energy network, which has an impact on climate change. Also, the name is a wink to the required transition from fossil to non-fossil and the human transformation required.

I proposed crazy but entertaining sustainability campaigns to influence and transform the establishment.

Event example: I launched the idea to park a train under the European Parliament (yes, under). The objective was to claim attention for green transport corridors.

Legislative example: sustainability values and definitions were included or reinforced in EU infrastructure related R&D programmes. E.g. ‘green’, ‘integrated’, ‘seamless’, ‘sustainability’, ‘interoperability’, ‘intermodality’ and ‘internalisation of external costs’.

Never underestimate the power of infotainment to obtain attention of decision makers. Feel free to ask reports or pictures of meetings with EU authorities in Brussels.

Conference examples: innovative sustainable concepts have been positioned at conferences in Australia, Baltic, Brazil, Canada, China, Emirates, India, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Turkey and in most of the 27 capitals of the EU member states. To safeguard the environment, CO2 was offset and/or alternative transportation means were used.

Fact finding field missions to regions affected by climate change (India, Thailand) made me even more passionate about sustainable solutions delivering a positive contribution to climate change mitigation.